cyanide blonde

The Colonel’s little girl

Married matron ‘Doctor’ Aisha Gaddafi took time out from making potato salad & Rice Krispy treats to  grant an interview from her walled fortress in Tripoli.  Back in the day, when other girls were squealing over N’Sync & the Backstreet Boys, Aisha was gushing over IRA bombers & the Butcher of Baghdad, & hasn’t lost her acidic charm since marrying her cousin.

Best thing the Colonel taught her: “The importance of being modest.”

On being  a Saddam Hussein groupie: “For me it was quite normal, he was the president & elected by his own people.”  (100% of the people!)

On Hussein being a mass murderer: “You are bound to meet people who may be against your policies.”

On Libya’s absence of human rights: “Those criticisms are completely groundless.” [Amnesty International disagrees]

On Reagan: “That is the route of Allah, he went crazy & got Alzheimer’s. That is his punishment.”

On whether Libya should pay compensation for bankrolling IRA terror: “Libya is not some big saving box from which everyone can take money from.”  (cf Italy pays reparations to Libya, as well as Aisha getting handouts from Obama)

On her mission in life: “I feel duty bound to defend anyone wrongly accused.”

Compare that statement to this delicious account of Aisha descending like a harpy on the Swiss hotel where her debauched brother Hannibal had been arrested for taking time out from beating his pregnant girlfriend to assault the servants:

“Aisha Gaddafi stormed into the air-conditioned lobby, her eyes flashing in anger, her dyed blonde hair concealed by a black headscarf. Aisha promptly launched into a tirade. The arrest, she said, was “illegal, racist & anti-Arab,” especially as her brother is the son of Moammar Gadhafi, the man who defied colonialism. She ended her press conference with the words: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Whoever began the dispute is in the wrong!”

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8 Responses to “cyanide blonde”

  1. Beth Says:

    She’s quite a charming young lady. x_x

  2. jeff Says:

    It’s definitely a job for Dr Phil ;p

  3. Dianne Says:

    Such a silly twat.

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  5. ana Says:

    Why was she trying to leave Lybia? what was she taking with her?

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