veena malik

“The word ‘impossible’ does not exist for me.”

Threatened by the Taliban, threatened by Osama bin Laden, called “the toast of liberal Pakistan” & the “poster girl for free speech & expression.” Actress, model, comic (she hosted Pakistani satire taken off TV by unamused Musharraf regime), social activist, mouthy broad.

Popularized character of Miss Dunya on Pakistani TV.  Appearance on Indian reality show Bigg Boss caused sensation in Pakistan (made it to week 12), followed by now-legendary smackdown of mullah accusing her of immorality.

Former girlfriend of cricketeer Mohammad Asif, banned from sport as part of Salman Butt game-fixing scandal. Worked with WHO in Pakistan in anti-polio drive.

On her inspirations: “My biggest inspiration is my father, who was a very brave army man. In fashion industry, I’m very much inspired with Madonna & Victoria Beckham.”

On fame: “Publicity is publicity. There’s nothing good or bad about it.”

Greatest extravagance: Shoes.”

Most overrated virtue: “Modesty.”

On threats from fundies: “I am not a coward & can’t act like one. I hail from an army family & bravery is in my blood.”

Alternate career: “A spy.”

Most identifies with: “Mona Lisa”

Up next: Pakistani Big Brother?  Veena vs the mullah remix

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