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“I find it very un-useful to talk about leaders as psychotic.  [Gaddafi] has something I call a borderline personality.  While he’s usually above that border, under stress he can descend beneath that border.” Dr. Jerrold Post, professor of psychiatry & expert

Saif Gaddafi’s $16 million London playboy pad seized & occupied by ‘terrorists’.   Good thing for the protesters Saif’s pet Bengal tigers Freddo & Barney are at his desert compound in Libya.

Saif on dropping his smooth-guy image & calling for the blood of protesters:  “When things were going well I was a reformer, however when people cross the red line I hit them with my shoe, & I also hit their fathers with my shoe.”

“There are no problems,” Saif added as regime forces flattened Zawiya into rubble. Libyan writer on Saif: “He’s gone berserk.

Saadi Gaddafi’s Hollywood production company is suddenly being treated like a pariah.  In Libya, Saadi explained that his father cannot step down because Dear Leader isn’t really in charge, the ‘people’ are:  “The leadership of the revolution is not a presidential or royal position from which Moammar Gaddafi could step down.”

Rapper 50 Cent (remember him?) followed Usher, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, & Nelly Furtado in announcing he’s giving his Gaddafi-stained $$$ to charity.  Still no word from Lionel Ritchie.

The UN, which recently honored Libya with a report praising its advances in human rights, is now opening an investigation into allegations of torture in Libya.  Now totalitarian cesspool Syria is gunning for the seat Libya was just ousted from on the UN Human Rights Council. Snap!

civil war in haus gaddafi

courtesy of Julian Assange

Judith Miller writes about the two faces of Saif Gaddafi, the son who oozed sincerity to the West, then turned as rabid as the Colonel during the current uprising:

There is now something clarifying about this new Saif, who calmly defends the slaughter of his fellow Libyans in the name of preventing anarchy & saving Libya from “terrorists.” Most of the public relations teams, academics, & journalists who once praised his virtues have now vanished, along with his ultra-modern, pro-democracy veneer. The sham has been exposed.

Now one brother is blaming Saif for the uprising. Saadi Gaddafi, erstwhile soccer wannabe & pretend Hollywood tycoon, says

“The Leader told them (Saif al-Islam & the ministers) on a daily basis that you are facilitating matters & the budget, but there are things they did not do,” he said, such as failing to address issues like prices of basic commodities that concerned Libyans.

Saif has long been rumored to be in a struggle with ‘National Security Advisor’ Mutassim Gaddafi, & is clearly trying to shore up his street creds during the crisis with inflammatory rhetoric. As the only son without his own militia, he stands to take the fall if his rival brothers start turning on him.

Mutassim, for his part, is not the brightest bulb in the bunch (despite his shiny suits). Colonel Gaddafi’s official ‘reader’ on Mutassim:

Mutassim was ‘not an avid reader‘  & had to be prodded to read even summaries …  many in senior GOL circles did not consider Mutassim to be as intellectually curious as either his father or his older brother.

hat tip to Attila Girl

i snogged gaddafi & all i got was this stupid nurse’s uniform

Trained medical professional Galyna Kolotnytska

Gaddafi’s voluptuous Ukrainian nurse™ Galyna Kolotnytska caused a drunken row on her flight from Tripoli to Kiev according to a witness:

“She began to shout … demanding the pilots’ names & threatening to fire them. She was very aggressive & said that she was Gaddafi’s woman & that he would not permit her to be insulted. At one point they were even ready to tie her up & put her on the floor because she was not responding to reason.”

Oksana, one of Gaddafi’s bevy of Ukrainian nurses, on how she nabbed a job checking the Colonel’s blood pressure:

“Two-and-a-half years ago Gaddafi was in Kiev with a visit,” she said. Recruiters invited her, among other candidates, to be interviewed by Gaddafi.  “It was like casting. He is a great psychologist …  The man is not 20 years old, sometimes he needs his (blood) pressure checked.”

International Criminal Court to investigate Libya for crimes against humanityInterpol issues alert for Gaddafi & family.

Seif Gaddafi on Brega bombing raid: we were only kidding!

Heavy fighting reached Tripoli Sunday morning as troops led by Gaddafi’s sons — presumably Khamis — led a massacre of civilians, including women & children, & attacked ambulances carrying wounded rebels. Part of Gaddafi’s problem is that in order to forestall a coup, he’s been spending only 1.2% of GDP on the military, less than Denmark.

Chumminess with Seif Gaddafi continues to embarrass Prince Andrew & the London School of Economics. Gaddafi’s murderous spawn also causing embarrassment to Usher & Mariah Carey, while Khamis Gaddafi has been expelled from Madrid Business School. Seif caught funneling $$$ through Vienna.

Coca Cola relates how doing business in Libya got it caught in a vicious power struggle between Krazy Kaddafi Kidz Mutassim, Mohammad, & Aisha.

This should do it:  Imelda Marcos tells Gaddafi to behave.

o brave new united nations

How bad do you have to be to get suspended from the UN Human Rights Council? Libya is the first to have managed it, even though it headed the same commission despite  ranking at the bottom of a survey of human rights in the world.

Today’s suspension fails to mention that the same council just issued a report praising Libya’s human rights record, a report signed off by these human rights luminaries: Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Sudan, ‘Palestine’, & Myanmar.

Does this mean the annual Gaddafi Prize for Human Rights is defunct? Previous winners: Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Louis Farrakhan.

Reports state that the Colonel has fired his brother in law, murderous internal security chief Abdullah Senussi.  He is also actively recruiting Tuareg mercenaries to battle the uprising.

Following Nelly Furtado’s lead, the London School of Economics is donating Seif Gaddafi’s half a million dollar pledge to charity.  Seif’s London neighbors: mass murderer go home!

Seif himself continues to show he’s perhaps the most delusional of the entire clan:  “There are some terrorist groups, small numbers, in two cities … but it’s not a big deal … nobody is talking about regime change because it’s not a priority for anybody.

wanted for crimes against art & humanity

“There is an even greater triumph of banality in ‘Arab Horse’. A lovely horse, glowing white, gallops towards us over fuzzy green grass in front of a brown sky. The painting remarkably reproduces in oils the look, quality & sophistication of a picture done on a pavement in chalk.”
Art review in the Guardian

Seif al Islam Gaddafi, now under a travel ban by the UN Security Council, was caught on video brandishing a rifle & telling paramilitary thugs “Those against you are nothing - they’re b******s … fight until the last minute, until the last bullet“. Is this the ‘soft power’ he wrote about in his thesis (which is now facing charges of plagiarism)?

One is reminded of the UK Guardian’s assessment of Seif’s ‘art’ show:  “Ever since Nero, there has been a depressing connection between bad art & megalomaniac regimes.” After years of schmoozing the West as a ‘moderate’, Seif will now be getting the cold shoulder from former friends Tony Blair & the Duke of York.

An equally mortified Nelly  Furtado tweets: “In 2007, I received 1million$ from the Qaddafi clan to perform a 45 min. Show for guests at a hotel in Italy. I am going to donate the $” (Perhaps she could pay off Seif’s unpaid $7000 bill at a Sydney brothel.)

Having lost control of  80% of Libya’s oil fields, the Gaddafi regime must increasingly rely on African mercenaries like this one:

“A man at the bus station in Sabha offered me a job & said I would get a free flight to Tripoli,” said Mohammed, a boy of about 16 who said he had arrived looking for work in the southern Libyan town from Chad . He was flown to an airport near the scruffy seaside town of Al-Bayda & had a gun thrust into his hands on the plane.  Gaddafi’s commanders told the ragbag army that rebels had taken over the eastern towns. The colonel would reward them if they killed protesters. If they refused, they would be shot themselves.”

Finally, Gaddafi’s voluptuous Ukrainian nurse has returned to Kiev, where she blew off the paparazzi: “Don’t you understand that I won’t be speaking to you!”


UN Security Resolution 1970 dealing with crimes against humanity in Libya lists six individuals whose assets shall be frozen & who are placed under an immediate travel ban: “Member States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals listed“:

Moammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, born 1942 in Sirte. Leader of the Revolution, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, responsible for ordering repressions of demonstrations of human rights abuses.

Hannibal Moammar Gaddafi, born 1975 in Tripoli. Son of Gaddafi, close to the regime. Faced domestic abuse charges for breaking his wife’s nose in $7,000 a night suite in London’s Clardidge’s hotel.
Mutassim Gaddafi, born 1976 in Tripoli. Son of Gaddafi, National Security Advisor, met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In 2008, requested $1.2 billion to establish a security unit similar to the one headed by his younger brother Khamis.
Aisha Moammar Gaddafi, born 1978 in Tripoli. Gaddafi’s daughter, close to the regime. Rushed to Baghdad to defend Saddam Hussein, also accused of crimes against humanity.
Khamis Moammar Gaddafi, born 1978 in Tripoli. Son of Gaddafi. Commanded military units involved in repression of demonstrations, heads Libya’s most feared elite brigade. (Rumors of advance of the “Khamis Brigade” caused panic among Benghazi residents during recent days.)
Saif al Islam Gaddafi, born 1972, Tripoli. Son of Gaddafi, Director of the Gaddafi Foundation, released “inflammatory public statements encouraging violence against protesters.”

Also named under the asset freeze, 11 other individuals including Gaddafi son Saadi, who clearly has a keen grasp of what’s important: “I’m going to hire a lawyer. I have some hobbies. I do some hunting, I go to safari. In Libya, there is no safari, so I have got to hire a lawyer. This bothers me so much, because I spent most of my life traveling.”

gaddafi-free zone

No revolution here, no sir

How delusional is Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam? “We didn’t use force Show me a single attack, show me a single bomb …  [There's] a big, big gap between reality & the media reports.  The whole south is calm. The west is calm. The middle is calm. Even part of the east.”

About the family’s purloined billions: “We don’t have money outside. We are a very modest family & everybody knows that. And we are laughing when they say you have money in Europe or Switzerland or something. C’mon, it’s a joke.”

Ha ha. Just last week Gaddafi deposited $3 billion in UK accounts & that’s not including Seif’s $10 million bachelor pad in London, which he’s renting out for $15K per week. (Too bad England revoked the Gaddafi family’s diplomatic immunity & UN Security Council Resolution 1970 has the entire family under a travel ban.)

To add to his troubles, the London School of Economics may revoke Seif’s degree over allegations of plagiarism. (Cf his sister, “Doctor” Aisha Gaddafi, who holds a ‘law degree’ from Tripoli’s al-Fatih University. Q: If you were a professor at al-Fatih University, what grade would you give Aisha?)

Too bad Seif didn’t get his story straight with brother Saadi, who called the uprising a fever:  “It’s going to spread everywhere. No one can stop it … they think it’s about freedom. I love freedom. You love freedom, but it’s powerful, this earthquake. No one can control it.”

Reality: More security forces have defected to the opposition as the noose tightens around Tripoli.  Perhaps rebel son Saif al-Arab can explain things to his psychopath father, who still says “I am a glory that will not be abandoned by Libya, the Arabs, the United States, & Latin America … revolution, revolution, let the attack begin blah blah blah…”

Counterpoint: Pravda comes down staunchly on the Colonel’s side, blaming an international campaign orchestrated by the CIA, Israel, & Saudi Arabia.

gaddafi’s last stand: fortress tripoli

Rogue’s gallery: Seif al-Islam, Khamis, Hannibal, Aisha, Saadi, & Mutassim

Multiple stories state that Gaddafi’s youngest son, Saif al-Arab, has defected & joined the uprising.   Gaddafi himself said to be bunkered down in the Bab al-Azizia military barracks with his sons Saif al-Islam, Saadi, Mutassim, & Khamis.  No word on the whereabouts of drunken wastrel Hannibal, whose wife tried to flee to Beirut, or fashionable harpy Aisha, who tried to escape the uprising to Malta.

Saif al-Arab is the least known of Gaddafi’s 10 children, recently a student in Munich.  His defection follows multiple defections of Army officers as well as that of Gaddafi’s voluptuous Ukrainian nurse. Libya’s former justice minister announced the formation of a transitional government from anti-Gaddafi stronghold Benghazi.  The Colonel must now rely on son Khamis’ 32nd brigade, part of a 10,000 unit elite corps to defend the regime from the inevitable.

After a night of terror in which Gaddafi’s mercenaries murdered brazenly throughout Tripoli, Gaddafi barricaded the city with tanks.  Seif al-Islam: “If you hear fireworks, don’t mistake it for shooting.  Peace is coming back to our country.”  Can we do an Uday on this guy & be done with him?

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